• John Kim

Dispraxia is the Lord's

Psalm 24:1 “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.” About a year ago our eldest son Kyan was diagnosed with a learning condition called Dispraxia. Amongst other things, it makes learning Chinese very difficult. On the one hand, Elaine and I gave thanks for the diagnoses, which helped us understand what had been happening in Kyan’s learning journey. On the other hand, we felt stress about the impact on his prospects later in life. Dispraxic children can get an exemption from Chinese, but also get an automatic failing grade for the subject on their secondary school entrance exams. We brainstormed through all sorts of academic options and in my prayers I found myself asking God for the best path forward that “worked around” his condition. In one of these mornings, I felt God ask me if I believed that Dispraxia is stronger than Him. “Does not Dispraxia belong to me? The earth is mine, and everything in it.” So instead of asking God to work around the condition, I started pleading in prayer that He might bulldoze right through it. And He responded. He sent a wonderful tutor who understands Kyan’s learning style. He sent a season of lockdown where I spent a lot more time tutoring Kyan at home. He sent the motivational tool of in-app purchases wrapped up in a lesson on stewardship. Throughout this semester Kyan had been bringing home 10-20% scores on his weekly Chinese spelling test. We were very excited when he brought home a 96% last week, but because he had the whole summer break to practice for this one, Kyan was the first to say that it was not repeatable. Well yesterday, with just one week to prepare for the next test, he brought home a 98%! I still have no idea what lays ahead for Kyan’s future, but yesterday I heard God say as clear as day that He is in control, and way more powerful than any obstacle in our path. Lord, I repent for my lack of faith. I declare that you are good, and the earth is yours, and everything in it. No weapon formed against me will prosper. I love you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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