• John Kim

Infinity Stones

1 Peter 1:4 “This inheritance is kept in heaven for you.” The other night we watched the first episode of the new Marvel series called Loki. Our star after whom the show is named, finds himself caught in a strange new world of the Time Variance Authority, an agency tasked with monitoring the flow of time. In perhaps one of the most memorable moments of the show, Loki finds some infinity stones casually strewn about in a desk drawer. In the universe he knows, the stones are scarce (only 6 of them), powerful (can destroy whole planets), and therefore valuable. However, in this new world they are plentiful, powerless and therefore used as paperweights. We got a discussion going afterwards with the boys about value and what that means across worlds. “Scripture tells us that we are to store our treasure in heaven, because all the stuff we care about on earth doesn’t really last and won’t really matter in eternity.” I asked the boys what they valued currently and Kyan said without hesitation “money! I want to use it to cryogenically freeze myself.” [I have no idea where that came from.] Luke said “I value my brawl stars score. I can use in app purchases to get more brawlers and increase my standing in the leaderboard!” [Brawl Stars is a popular video game with 8 year olds these days.] “Right! Gaming is a perfect example of this idea,” I replied. “If you get new brawlers, you can’t bring them into another game like Minecraft right? And the city you build in Minecraft has no value in Brawlstars. It’s just like how infinity stones are valuable in one world but useless in another.” Then Kyan interjected “yes but with blockchain gaming you can actually own something in one game that continues to have value in another game.” I guess a relationship with God is like that. Infinity stones in the Kingdom are really infinite… good across all time and space. Lord, thank you for bridging heaven and earth through the gift of your son. Thank you that we can have a real, intimate relationship with you. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into the next life so we can build up our treasure in heaven. In your son’s name, Amen.

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