• John Kim

Makan For Hope

Jeremiah 29:14 “I will be found by you” declares the Lord, “and I will restore your fortunes.” I’ve noticed that being slightly more public about my faith has opened the door to building deeper relationships with people. One example is Elise Tan, who runs investor relations at one of Asia’s top Crypto Funds, Longhash Ventures. We connected on some work matters and shortly thereafter she pinged me on Telegram. “I happened to see that you wrote VC Ministry on your website. Are you a Christian? … I’m really inspired by u.” But let me tell you, I’m way more inspired by Elise than she is by me. Over the last couple years she’s gone through some really tough times that include death and the worst form of betrayal. But in the midst of that she went to the Alpha course and gave her life to Jesus. God now communicates to her regularly through visions, wind and even crazily coincidental number patterns. “I’ve gone through a really difficult period, but because of that I found God. I’m so thankful for that.” This morning I gave her a buzz and felt led to pray Jeremiah 29:14 over her. God has been found by her, and I have no doubt that he will restore her fortunes. Lord, thank you for this dear sister. I pray protection over Elise as she deals with difficult times and unreasonable people. We know you have a plan and a future for her and her family. In Jesus’ name, Amen. P.S. Elise runs a great initiative called Makan For Hope where folks from the startup world give talks to raise money for underprivileged children through non-profit Fei Yue. My session is sold out, but if you’d like to learn from someone who actually knows what they're talking about, or just donate to a good cause, please do check out

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