• John Kim

Orphan Heart

John 14:18 “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.” This morning I asked Luke how he slept, and he replied that he had a really bad nightmare. “We were driving, and we stopped at a red light. Then to our right a bunch of orphans came out of the house and started shooting at our car. It was really scary.” It reminded me of a sharing I heard from our Senior Pastor about the orphan heart vs the heart of a son (which includes daughters). A ten year old conditioned to worry about his next meal will naturally operate from a place of scarcity. If he’s lacked the acceptance and affirmation of loving parents he will naturally strive to achieve from a place of insecurity. He will fear rejection and experience jealousy because staying ahead is a matter of survival. When we invite God into our lives, we are grafted into his family and become his children. Because our place in his house is secure, we can operate from a place of generosity and abundance, freely giving to others and enjoying their success. As I reflected on Luke’s dream, I couldn’t help but wonder if it represented the orphan heart trying to come against him and our family. Real world heroes like Nelson Mandela, Louis Armstrong, Babe Ruth, Ray Charles, and many others were orphans. The other day at dinner we noted that pretty much every superhero (Superman, Batman, Robin, Spiderman, The Flash, and Captain America etc..) seems to be orphans. Just because someone’s gifted and powerful doesn’t mean they’re not an orphan. But just because we were born with an orphan heart, doesn’t mean we’re not fully known and fully loved as children of God. Lord, thank you for calling me your son. I am your heir and co-heirs with Christ. That means I have access to everything in your house. I pray that you protect Luke, myself and any of us who are under attack from the orphan heart today. We are fully known, and fully loved. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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