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Royal Caribbean

Psalm 148:7 “Praise the Lord from the earth, you great sea creatures and all ocean depths.” Elaine and I have really come to enjoy taking cruises for our holidays. She loves packing in new experiences, so the ability to dock in a new city each day really scratches that itch. Well, we came on the Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Seas the other day, and travel restrictions have forced us into a “cruise to nowhere.” My expectations were pretty low coming into it, but when we walked into our room I was totally blown away. Ends up that the ship is only at 10% capacity, so they upgraded us to the biggest room on board. I’ve never stayed in a cruise ship room that was much larger than the area of the bed. But by the grace of God, we landed on this 2 bedroom duplex that’s nicer than most houses I’ve lived in. The scale of this room kind of shocked me. But then upon reflection, this giant room is just a tiny fraction of a massive boat that sleeps 7,000 people. We went up on a ride on deck called the North Star and saw views that rival those of the Singapore flyer. But as we see giant ships (that appear as tiny specks) from afar we know that even the grandest vessels are just a tiny fraction of the vast oceans that God created. See often when we get worked up about our problems, it’s because we’ve forgotten the scale of our all-powerful father. Even life or death issues are no match for a God whose praises are screamed from great sea creatures and all the ocean depths. So if a room one twenty five millionths the size of the oceans can lift my spirits for a bit, then how much more can I rely on Him to place me in a position of his all-powerful perspective? Lord, thank you for reminding me who you are. Thank you for granting me access to the great expanse of your everlasting love. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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