• John Kim

Servant Leadership

Matthew 20:27 “Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant.” When I had my first orientation session with the Young President’s Organization, I was surprised to hear the chapter chair espousing servant leadership as a core value of YPO globally. “Isn’t servant leadership a Christian value?” I thought to myself. I had never heard of it outside of a church context. In “Who is This Man?” John Ortberg says it this way. “Humility, which was scorned in the ancient world, became enshrined in a cross and was eventually championed as a virtue.” The playbook for power had everything to do with force and dominance before Jesus’ time, but came and showed a different way. Now even in what is widely known as the premier leadership organization in the world… an organization that is very much a secular organization, we can still see the fingerprints of this man. Lord I love you and I thank you for showing the way. Power does not come from flaunting authority, but from demonstrating humility. I humble myself as I lift you up today. Help me to be more kind and loving to those around me. In your son’s name, Amen.

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