• John Kim

Sky Math

Revelation 11:6 “They have the power to shut the sky so that no rain will fall.” This morning Luke had a cough and stayed home from school. As I started my morning routine he asked how he could earn screen time, so I got him started on some math problems. At first I got frustrated that it distracted me from all I need to accomplish today, but God really spoke to me through the episode. Several times this morning I heard Luke say “I’m not good at [fractions, drawing circles, times tables..]” I found that somewhat frustrating because Luke seems quite capable in math. The director at the Gifted and Talented Education Center suggested we accelerate him to P2 level mathematics despite him only being in Primary 1. In high school I took math at Harvard because they ran out of classes for me. I was pretty good at it, but Luke is showing much more promise at a much earlier age then I ever did. So when he gets stuck and says “I’m not good at fractions” all I can think is “kid, you could solve nuclear fusion or something someday. Are you serious?” I do my best to encourage him, give him a positive self-image, and to break down the task at hand to the simplest first step so as to decrease the friction in getting started. This morning God led me to Revelations 11:6, that describes two prophets with the power to shut the skies. The first thought when meditating on this verse was “surely that kind of power is not for me. God what do you want me to know about this verse? Maybe Jesus is going to shut the sky?” But God linked this verse to my son Luke this morning. Scripture talks over and over about how we have full access to all the power that God has when we let him into our hearts. Elijah stopped and started the rain on command. Why does it seem so heretical for me to think that this could potentially be within my grasp? The fact is that the potential God sees in us is always so much bigger than what we see in ourselves. That’s why Jesus always called us to have more faith, and not less. Lord, ALL THINGS are possible for those who believe. You’ve said it before and you’re saying it again. As I draw closer to you, I find you challenge me constantly to think bigger. Thank you that you encourage me, break down my negative self-image and make it easy for me to take first steps. Right now that’s heading to date lunch and loving my wife. I commit to think bigger today. In your son’s name, Amen.

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