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Every now and then I have the privilege of sharing the word at our church, Solomon's Porch Singapore. You can find a selection of some of these sermons below. 

(Starts at 39:00)

Moses served as the greatest prophet in the entire faith of the Jewish people. So the author used the illustration that Jesus is greater than Moses to bring the Hebrew Christians back into divine alignment. It’s hard for us to understand how extreme that statement is when we didn’t grow up memorizing Torah. But today God reminds us that whatever it is that we honor, whatever our Moses is… Jesus is greater.

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(Starts at 30:40)

When I invest in companies, they inevitably go through hard times. The ones that get through most effectively are able to do so because they understand how that moment in history fits into the overall vision of where they're headed. I feel like our CEO upstairs wants to remind us of the good news and how he's using the word, the love and the light to bring the world into relationship with him. 

(Starts at 25:15)

Many of us are struggling with sickness for ourselves and for our families. My father was recently diagnosed with cancer and I've been contending for healing as well. Thankfully the account of Jairus lays out a blueprint for how we as believers can colabor with God to bring about healing and restoration for our loved ones. 

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(Starts at 26:20)

Carol Dweck's framework of Growth Mindset, enables people to achieve more. While it is true that believing the in power of hard work trumps believing in the power of natural ability, scripture shows us an even better way. Faith in an almight and all-loving God empowers us to dream Big, take risks, and welcome trials.

(Starts at 29:50)

Through Covid many of us have been stuck in our homes, and at times that has felt chaotic. But scripture says that God is not the author of confusion, but of peace. His design is for us to live in communion with our loved ones in our household. When we take the time and exercise spiritual discipline, he can speak to us, even through our dogs. 

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(Starts at 23:00)

As believers God has designed us to soar. But like airplanes that are designed to fulfill their destinies at great heights, we also must spend time grounded in the hangar for routine maintenance. How does the life of David help us to understand what it means to be grounded, and to prepare for a destiny of greater things? 

(Starts at 4:30)

Weaving in the account of our trip to the Love After Marriage workshop, Elaine and I shared how God uses our imperfections to demonstrate his perfection. When we leave our demons in the dark, they seem to have power over us. But when we get vulnerable and bring them to the light, we inevitably experience incredible restoration. 

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