• John Kim

God & Technology (Part 3)

Psalm 18:29 “In your strength I can crush an army; with my God I can scale any wall.” Pretty much every tech startup struggles in recruiting and retaining engineers. The Googles and Facebooks of the world can pay double or triple a startup salary and offer incredible perks (like free massages!) I really appreciate all the hard work that my founders do in building their R&D teams, and I’m honestly glad I don’t have to do it myself. So in that context, when God started nudging me to start building tech solutions to spread the good news, I had a bit of a Moses moment. “Me Lord? I’ve never led a tech team. I can’t speak their language. I don’t know how to hire these people. And if I could it’d cost ridiculous amounts of money.” But eventually I decided to submit and pray into what God might be doing. It began to dawn on me that He’s doing this with or without me, so I can come alongside and enjoy the ride or miss out on all the fun. As I said yesterday, I believe it’s actually inevitable that God is going to bring 1 billion new believers into the Kingdom within this generation, and He’s going to use technology to do it. So I was really excited when my friend Melvin introduced me to Clubhouse. There are clear applications in ministry, and I knew some of them I wouldn’t even be able to understand until they happened. We started holding prayer meetings and late night services for people who couldn’t come to church on Sunday. In one of these I met a guy named Jonathan who had started a “Christian Tech Startup.” I thought “hey that sounds interesting. I’m going to reach out for a chat.” On the Zoom call a couple weeks later, he explained that he had worked for tech giants, made more than enough money, and now wanted to use his engineering skills for the Kingdom. He had hired developers around the world and was operating this company on the side, building apps that he thought would be useful for believers and the churches they attended. “But I’m really looking for my first client so I can start partnering with churches on what they need. It’s not about the money at all. They could pay me like fifty bucks. Just want to work together on a product roadmap and build a network of partners.” I just laughed, looked up, and thought to myself “man, God really has a sense of humor.” When I couldn’t dream of getting an engineering team on my own, He provided a world class team basically for free. With my God, I can scale any wall. Lord, you are so good. Just when I think I can start to understand you the depths of your love, you surprise me yet again. Amazing. Help me to think bigger and come into line with your perspective today. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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