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I Get To

Yesterday, Elaine and I went out for a date night that ends a month of celebrations for her 40th birthday. I really enjoyed the quiet, romantic time together, but some of the other parties were much more of a production. One of my friends noted that this wasn’t exactly my natural mode of operation and that I was being really “intentional” in planning all the arrangements.

It’s true. It’s not necessarily my favorite thing to be messaging hundreds of people and sorting logistical details, but I had some amazing help along the way (thanks to the amazing Trehaus team!) Also, I’ve noticed through the years that when I’m doing something I hate, for someone I love, I really start to enjoy the activity. As an example, I’m more of a big picture sort of person, and I pretty much avoid accounting like the plague. But when I took on finance at our church, somehow the numbers just came alive and I really started to enjoy balancing the books, like it was a big, beautiful puzzle.

Pastor Sam Song from Solomon’s Porch Hong Kong likes to say “it’s not that you have to serve, it’s that you get to serve. It’s not that you have to give. It’s that you get to give.”

Elaine and I have been through a lot these past 12 years, but increasingly I’m finding myself in the middle of that reality in our marriage.

I can’t wait to see what God has in store for Elaine in the next 40 years to come! Have no idea what that's gonna be, but I know it's gonna be good... because we have a Father in heaven who is oh so good.

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