• John Kim

Not By Sword

Psalm 44:3 “It was not by their sword that they won the land.” The first year that I participated in our annual fast at Solomon’s Porch, I told my partner Ramanan that I planned to work half days and not eat for the first three weeks of the year. He thought I was crazy especially because we had the biggest and most important deal in our history right then. If it didn’t work out, it might mean the end of our firm. I explained to Ramanan, who is a devout atheist that “if you look at the Bible, the Israelites didn’t fast when it was convenient. They fasted when they were about to go to battle, because that’s when it’s especially important to demonstrate that it’s God’s power and not their own strength that brings them the victory. If we’re about to enter a life threatening battle now, it’s not the worst time to fast. It’s the best time to fast.” Well Ramanan conceded, and we won that deal, which has been the biggest win for our firm to date. Now, whenever I tell him that I need to fast he says “I still don’t agree and I still don’t get it, but it seems to be working… so go ahead.” The author of Psalm 44 writes to remind listeners that it was not the Israelites sword that brought them conquest. “But YOU give us victory over our enemies.” Over the last few weeks I’ve felt increasingly overwhelmed. We have bigger and bigger battles to face at work and at home, which lead to more demands on my attention. I feel like I’ve been squeezing in quiet time with God instead of really creating the space that He deserves. So this morning I just want to write and remind myself that it is not my sword and not my striving that bring victory. Lord, YOU give me victory. I’ve seen you do it before and I know you’ll do it again. I repent for a misalignment of priorities and I commit to put you first today. You are all I want. You are all I need. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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