• John Kim

Pleading For a Friend

Job 16:21 “… on behalf of a man he pleads with God as one pleads for a friend.” This afternoon Elaine had a call scheduled with a friend of ours. He didn’t show up and his teammate didn’t know why. He’s one of the most reliable guys we know, and it was really out of character for him. While on the call Elaine got a message informing her that this friend had been found drowned and was resuscitated after an hour. They brought him to the emergency room and he’s currently in a coma. The doctors can’t be sure about the extent of brain damage, but at least from a worldly perspective, it doesn’t look good. He’s been a prayer buddy of mine for many years, and I can say this devotion might not even be around if it weren’t for him. So I feel it’s only appropriate to send out a post asking for you to say a prayer for our friend. Lord, I beg you to cover this brother and his family today. I can’t understand why these things happen, but I know you love him to bits. Please show your power. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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