• John Kim

Strong, Blameless & Holy

1 Thessalonians 3:13 “May He make your hearts strong, blameless and holy.” So my friend (whom I wrote about yesterday) pinged me with some great encouragement. I think the snippets speak for themselves. Hey john, thank you so much for the call last night and taking the time to talk to me. I spent last night and today praying really hard about it. I reflected and asked if my heart was in the right place and how i've been treating God. I realised i've been focusing so much on my startup and pushing God out, and i wanted to do things on my own terms. I recognised I was wrong and told God I would never be stubborn again, and let him take the wheel. And, some how, I believe God has answered my prayer today. Prior to this, i was very afraid of starting this startup because i didn't have a CTO and no matter how hard i tried to find one, i couldn't find one. But just on saturday, i met a friend who was a former startup founder and a programmer. He wasn't interested either. Today he casually asked to sit in for my huddle with my tech team. And all of a sudden, he just said the product is great and he wants to support us fully. I suddenly felt this wave of confidence and comfort. I was always afraid of failing, because i was just relying on myself. And i only prayed to ask God to bless it and make it work. But today, i prayed to ask God to take the wheel and should it fail, i know it's all part of God's plan. I've not felt so much comfort in a while. It was such an incredible occasion that just yesterday afternoon my Sunday sermon was about being a true Christian as compared to a lukewarm Christian. I was originally a bit shy to show how staunch I am as a believer. But just today, I’ve become more open about my faith and I’m less afraid or shy about showing my faith. It’s quite a “behavioural change” for me, because most people know me for the vices and the sins. And people call me a fraud or a fake. But... I think God is more important than the voices of the world haha I never wanted to pray in front of my friends. But for the first time I prayed in front of them and was not afraid or shy. It was a life changing moment for me :’) Thank you so much for talking some sense into me last night. It really pulled me closer to God. Thank you so much. :') Lord you are so good. Moments like these make life worth living. Thank you for making our hearts strong, blameless and holy. In your son’s most precious name, Amen. (P.S. Thanks all for your prayers. My dad had a good appointment with the doctors yesterday and should have a plan back in the next day or so.)

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