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Surgery Day

Psalm 136:4 “Give thanks to him who does mighty miracles. His faithful love endures forever.” About a year ago, we found out that my dad has cancer. After a tortuous process of preparation, the first surgery failed, and I felt quite a bit of frustration with the doctors. Emotions in the family ran high. I felt a lot of guilt for not being able to be there. Then I decided to just suck it up and visited Seoul three times, quarantining for four weeks on each trip. By June 30th I had spent three months of 2021 in quarantine. But in the midst of the struggle my earthly father exhibited nothing but the love and optimism of my father in heaven. Always ready to crack a joke, dad always made sure to let us know that he was just fine, and that everything was going to end up well. He leaned into his relationships, spending more time with his family and friends. He started playing tennis 4 times a week in the midst of chemotherapy. Well, I write this as my dad is back on the operating table today. I would never wish cancer on anyone, but there have been so many good things that came out of this experience. It’s brought us closer as a family, and it’s definitely given us the opportunity to grow in our faith. Last night Elaine asked me if I was worried. “Honestly… nope.” “How come?” “Cause God’s got this.” Lord thank you for healing my dad. I know that today you are going to demonstrate what I already know to be true... that the name of cancer stands no chance against the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you that the victory has already been won. I come into line with your goodness and grace today. In your son’s name, Amen.

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