• John Kim

Death Penalty

Mark 15:37 “Then Jesus uttered another loud cry and breathed his last.” On June 19th I wrote about how Pastor Danny Silk gave us an exercise to write down 100 dreams. ( I wrote down 12 in the first day, then it took me a week to get the next 12. Today after 3 months, I’ve hit dream 98. At one point I started flipping through the gospel of Mark to see what Jesus did. He said that we’d do greater things than he did, so I thought at least getting on par with what he did would be a good exercise in faith. Now I’ve always considered myself a dreamer, but this took things to a whole new level. I literally wrote “cast out demons,” “walk on water,” and “raise someone from the dead” in my list of dreams. It felt so awkward at first, but after praying into it, I got really excited at what it’d feel like if God did anything close to these through me. This morning I flipped to the end of the gospel of Mark, and I realized that Jesus did do all those miracles. But at the end of his life Jesus suffered incredible shame, torture and eventually brutal execution. I thought to myself “should I also put these on my list of dreams?” This morning Syed Suhail was scheduled to hang at Changi Prison here in Singapore. He had been caught with 39g of heroine in 2011 and given a mandatory death sentence in 2016. An incredible outpouring of support for leniency has swept across the island, and his execution was temporarily delayed. In many countries around the world today, imposing the death penalty on a drug trafficker is considered both insane and inhumane. So to see execution for yourself as a thing to aspire to… how much crazier is that? Lord, I love you. All I need is you. I submit all my plans to you, and I welcome any trials that may come my way. I know that they are only temporary, and the greater they feel, the greater the glory they’ll bring you and your kingdom. I die to myself and want nothing more than to create space for you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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